It is Summer 2019 closing season. We know it sounds sad but still, September is a fun month.

It is definitely “back to school”, “back to work” time! Which sounds like tons of excitement and organization. Time to meet your friends and colleagues, and start a new academic year!
First thing first, one should prepare its interior for the upcoming fall semester. It’s time maybe to change the color tones of your decoration, change the furniture or simply add new accessories to your homes or offices.

  •         The trendy colors of the season

The trendiest designers of 2019, either interior or fashion designers agreed on the new color palette for the Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 season. And guess what? This season there are a lot of warm colors like burgundy, peach, warm pink and brown.
Good to know for decorating your house or just changing your wardrobe.

  •         Choose a box to dispose in your interior

Eternal roses are still the best way to follow the trend of colors and give a luxurious touch to your foyer or office. You can choose from the large color pallet the color of roses and the box that responds to your needs based on the shape, color and texture.
These boxes are made with eternal roses that will survive the whole Autumn/Winter season and will probably last up to three years. It is such an economical way to decorate and be trendy without minding changing the roses once a week.
At MILA Maison des Roses, we propose a large choice of eternal roses boxes that will be perfect for your interiors. Make sure to check our website to shop yours.

  •         Use scented candles

Candles are the new fashionable thing, a must-have in your home or office. It is perfect to change the mood of a room and give a precise atmosphere. The choice of the scent tells a lot about someone’s personality and preferences.
MILA Maison des Roses offers three scents and smells that will delight you.

  •         Furniture

It is maybe time to change the sofa? Or the pillows? Or maybe this carpet? For this season, make sure you feel comfortable and satisfied by your furniture so that it gives a good vibe and energy to your interior and to your mind.

After being done with changing the look and the energy of your interior you can now start preparing yourself mentally to be back on track with a day at the spa, a last weekend getaway, or a shopping session.