Eternal roses are real natural roses that have been through a process of preservation to enable
them to last up to 3 years if you take good care of them.
In order to make sure these roses keep their beautiful aspect, we prepared a guideline to be the
perfect “gardener” for your MILA Maison des Roses boxes.
1. Keep them in the shade and far from heat
In order to keep the freshness and beautiful aspect of your roses, you should always keep
them in shade and far from any heat source. For that, you should pick your display area
cautiously. Roses ought to be put away in a cool, dry spot that isn't exposed to sunrays and
high temperatures. Also, you should consider displaying your roses far from a window that
will easily expose the roses to sunrays and dust.
2. Brush them to remove the dust
With the help of the MILA Maison des Roses care brush, you can brush the petals to remove
the dust and keep the shine of the rose. You can purchase the brush here.
3. Put some fragrance
If you want your eternal roses to always smell like fresh roses that just have been picked,
there is a fragrance that MILA Maison des Roses puts into your disposition that smells like
heaven, the real fresh rose scent.
For this purpose, you just have to spray your roses with two or three sprays of perfume at a
distance of 20 cm from the roses.
You can shop the fragrance here.

Now you have all the tips to keep your roses as beautiful as the first day you received them.