During these past years, a new fun trend appeared: “gender reveal parties”. People started
organizing parties to share this magical revelation moment with their loved ones.
Here are some ideas we prepared for you, so that you organize the best gender reveal party:

  • Balloons and confetti

One of the most well-known ways that couples choose to reveal the gender of their baby is
with balloons. Usually, these balloons are pink or blue, but contain confetti with the official
color that announces the gender. It is so easy to prepare this surprise: few balloons, few
confetti, a pin to explode the balloon and voila, you make a great impression!

  • A huge rose box

If you are someone who is a bit classy, who loves beautiful rose arrangements, MILA Maison
des Roses has the perfect solution for your gender reveal. You can choose from our large
catalog, the box and the colors of your choice, and you can also personalize the arrangement
with writing a text with the roses or by engraving the box with a message.
Our roses last between one and three years and allow you to keep the arrangement as a
beautiful memory of this magical moment.

  • A reveal cake, pop cakes and cupcakes

Every party needs a cake! And as you may know, you can personalize your cake as you like,
with the colors of your choice. Usually the exterior of the cake has the two colors pink and
blue, but its interior has the final official color that will reveal either it’s a boy or a girl.
Gender reveal pop cakes and cupcakes are another fun method to reveal the gender while
serving your visitors some sweet, however, you need to make sure everybody is served at the
same time or at least, after announcing the gender by another mean. The pop cakes or
cupcakes can be loaded up with either pink or blue cake in the inside.

  • Gender reveal pictures

In order to make the memory of the gender reveal last forever, photos are MANDATORY!
Make sure to allow yourself and your guests a moment in front of the camera to immortalize
all these beautiful moments or hire a professional photographer who will take care of it.

  • A piñata

In order to reveal the gender of your future baby, another funny and original way to do it is to
utilize a piñata and hit it hard to have the final answer to the question: is it a boy or a girl?
Gender reveal themed piñatas are sold in stores. A few couples fill the piñata with blue or
pink sweets, while others fill it with blue or pink confetti.