Wedding Season

A wedding is a very special event in one’s life. It is the ultimate love declaration to the beloved one and an eternal link. It can be a stressful task to organize it but it is definitely worth the sacrifice. In any case, when you get the details of the preparation off the beaten path everything else will become alright as if by magic.
To accompany you during the best day of your life, MILA Maison des Roses launches its wedding collection, with a wide choice of bouquets for the bride, her bridesmaids, centerpieces, wedding rings boxes and a lot of other surprises that will make this event a unique, elegant and emotional one.
The Bridal Bouquet
Our Bridal Bouquet by MILA keeps it beauty long after your marvelous wedding day and comes with a box you can display it in with transparency. It comes in two different sizes and the choice of colors is wide.
PS: It is not a bouquet you can throw.



There are many details that you should get ready for your wedding, from the layout of the tables, its color theme to the place cards of your guests. Each detail is taken into account to guarantee that you will spend a great day and that your guests will leave the place satisfied.
In order to set a festive, romantic and elegant tone to the tables in your wedding, you can choose from our selection of centerpieces: elegant round boxes in black or white, or acrylic Boxes that will showcase beautiful eternal roses with their stem.


Wedding Rings Box

MILA Maison des Roses is proud to put at your disposal a beautiful, yet very useful box that will embellish the layout of the rings and make the exchange of wedding rings a magical moment full of emotions. Once again, the choice of color for the rose is very wide.


Drawer Box

For the bride as an organizer for her jewelry or as a gift for the guests, this acrylic box is the perfect combo of elegance and practicality. It has two parts: the part for the rose with the color of your choice and a drawer that can hold anything you want such as jewelry, sweets or your wedding wish cards.


In order to make this day perfect and at your image, you can book an appointment with us. We can help you choose all what you need.