Each color has a meaning behind: it expresses many feelings and moods. People usually have
one or many favorite colors, and unconsciously, it expresses their personality and how they
want to be seen by the world.
MILA Maison des Roses prepared a guideline for you with all the meanings behind of colors
its roses have:

  • Rouge Amour: Red is the universal color of love and romance. A strong symbol of joy, desire and optimism.
  • Fuchsia: Fuchsia symbolizes grace, affection and sensuality.
  • Lavender: Lavender symbolizes calm, prosperity and mystery.
  • Royal Blue: Deep royal blue symbolizes confidence and loyalty.
  • Orange Bloom: Orange symbolizes good energy, enthusiasm and vitality.
  • Pink Blush: Pink blush symbolizes romance and delicacy.
  • Velvet Purple: Velvet purple symbolizes power, nobility and wisdom.
  • Aquamarine: Aquamarine symbolizes freshness and tranquility.
  • Yellow Sunshine: Yellow symbolizes idealism, hope and joy.
  • Rubis Rouge: Rubis rouge symbolizes intensity, confidence and luxury.
  • Emeraude: Emerald symbolizes success, luck and wealth.
  • Baby Blue: Baby blue symbolizes playfulness and softness. It is perfect for a gender reveal or for a baby shower.
  • Rainbow: The rainbow is mix match of colors that symbolizes diversity, creativity and fun.
  • Sweet Candy: Sweet candy is a mix of pastel colors that symbolizes purity and refinement.
  • Pink Bottom: Pink bottom is a white cream rose with a touch of pink in its center. It symbolizes preciousness and delicacy.
  • Vintage: Vintage is a mix of two colors, one side is pinkish and the other purplish. It symbolizes confidence and loyalty.
  • Black Velvet: Black symbolizes sophistication, elegance and depth of feelings.
  • Couture: Couture is a white rose with black edges that symbolizes style, elegance and precision.
  • Pure Peach: Pure peach symbolizes femininity and tranquility.
  • Mauve: Mauve color represents an expressive temperament and an idealistic thinking.
  • Violin: Violin symbolizes strength, determination and style.
  • White Cream: White cream color symbolizes purity, peace and elegance.
  • Metallic Gold: Metallic gold symbolizes luxury, wealth and Royalty.
  • Metallic Pink: Metallic pink symbolizes youth and confidence.
  • Metallic Silver: Metallic copper symbolizes preciousness, maturity and intelligence.
  • Metallic Copper: Metallic copper symbolizes luxury, preciousness and appreciation.

At MILA Maison des Roses we have eternal roses that last for many years, between one to
three years, with all these beautiful mesmerizing colors that you will find nowhere else. You
just have to choose yours.