During some occasions such as Christmas, New Year Eve or Women’s Day, corporations
usually offer gifts to their collaborators as a greeting and a sign of consideration for their hard
work and commitment.

These corporate gifts are generally the same that are repeated each year: agendas, pens,
jewelry and so on. It’s hard to find something new and original that will please everyone and
keep it professional. MILA Maison des Roses brand products will make excellent corporate
gifts in order to greet your collaborators, either your employees, clients or business partners.

Our products will provide a luxurious design to offices, restaurants, stores or hotel halls. We
are extremely proud to provide our clients with a large and infinite shopping experience that
enables them to modify theur course of action as they see fit.

At MILA, we promise you the ideal present for your collaborators: Beautiful eternal roses for an everlasting elegance. You can in fact personalize the boxes in terms of size, colors, logo and rose disposition in order to write letters or numbers. Also, you can personalize the cards that come with the packaging and the box/lid message and you can hand sign the greeting card to make it more special.

You can contact us by email or by phone for all individual solutions, specific requests and
orders in large quantities. Our roses don't require a particular maintenance and shouldn’t be
watered. Offering a MILA Maison des Roses box isn't only a pleasant gift for your partners,
it's also a way to gain customer loyalty and visibility since your logo will be showcased in the
workplace and home of your colleagues and clients.