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Please note that color may differ from the product image and may be slightly lighter or darker .
You can customize your arrangement. Contact us at [email protected] for any special custom.

Order our LA TERRIN Signature arrangement of Eternal Roses today, we will ship wherever you want within US.

  1. Order it today
  2. Add your personalized message on your greeting card
  3. Contact us to customize it exactly as you wish (after designer approval)
MILA Maison des Roses ® are Real Roses that last several years !

Care Instructions:
  • The roses securely remain in their boxes, so please do not remove them.
  • Please do not water the roses! Otherwise, their shelf life is limited.
  • Avoid touching the roses too often, as moisture from your own skin can transfer to the rose pedals and diminish their color and shape.
  • Keep the Arrangement in a room-temperature environment: not too cold or too hot and avoid direct sunlight. 
  • Please do not place anything onto the roses as they can get damaged. 
  • Please note that the roses can slightly stain adjacent objects, especially fabrics, such as curtains or other textiles 
  • If dust collects after a few months, remove it lightly using dry air or a soft MILA Care brush.

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    Artist TERRIN

    Artist TERRIN