Mila Acrylic Medium Bijou

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Mila Acrylic Medium Bijou

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Arrived at Mila Maison des Roses in 2020, this box of 12 eternal Mila roses has a small drawer in the bottom of the box where you can deposit, your keys, your jewelry, your make-up or any other object of your everyday life.

The size of the box and 20 - 15 - 12 cm in height.

The accompanying rose fragrance is developed by our perfumer in Grasse, France, the world city of perfumes.

An ideal gift on Valentine's Day to tell her how much you love her!


Tell him or her:

"I love you madly, and I tell you, and I repeat it to you, and my words express it to you, and my kisses prove it to you, and when I'm done... I'll do it again. I would like to start again in this way for eternity, and every evening I regret the night that will pass without you, and every morning I want in the sun to shine, as today, when you are not in my arms."

Victor Hugo, XIX

Mila Acrylic Medium Bijou


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