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How do I care for my roses,
to help them last more than a year?

Care instructions – MILA Maison des Roses

Home Care

Our arrangements consist of real everlasting roses. Treated correctly, they can brighten your life and remind you of beautiful moments for up to 3 years. Please remember that the roses are delicate and treat them with care:

Please don't water them, as this could reduce their lifespan.

Please don't place anything on top of the roses, as this could damage them.

Please keep the box at room temperature (neither too cold nor too hot) and protect it from direct sunlight.

Should dust accumulate, please use dry air or the soft  MILA Care brush  to remove it carefully.

Please leave the roses in their box, as they are safe there.

Please don't touch the roses too often, as your hands' moisture can be transferred to the petals and diminish their color and shape.