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Mila Roses - Everlasting roses


We founded MILA Maison Des Roses® because we love roses and we wanted to keep all our arrangements longer. We love when our house and office are full of beautiful roses, without thinking of their maintenance.




In 2011, Jihane Jeblaoui, a young Moroccan Entrepreneur met Eric Mitelman, a French Businessman in Casablanca. Both were adventurous and full of life, their passion was to travel around the globe and they always looked for new trials that will challenge them. This romance has led to a marriage in 2014 and after few years in Casablanca and the birth of their son Milan in 2017, they decided to take a gap year in Mexico.

The couple settled in 2018 in Playa del Carmen, living their life by the beach, enjoying the natural environment and the purity of the place. Jihane, who is a classical ballet dancer and a rose lover always dreamt of creating a concept that will allow people to eternally have elegant and refined roses in their interiors. The idea sprouted in Eric and Jihane’s minds until they thought it was the perfect timing to launch their brand and share their love for roses. They decided to start making eternal roses boxes in Mexico. Quickly, the word spread in Playa del Carmen and people started asking for more boxes: MILA Maison des Roses was born.

The colors of the brand were inspired by Jihane’s passion for classical dance. The pink is the color of the "tutu" that classic dancers wear, which portrays hard work, discipline, elegance and beauty. The creation of these luxurious floral compositions, is today the result of these high standards of quality combined with the perpetual innovation of Design in the World. Nowadays, MILA Maison des Roses is physically based in Eight countries: USA, Canada, Switzerland, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Morocco, France and Spain.

Are MILA® Roses Real?

Thanks to innovative procedures, the company develops precious arrangements, that maintain freshness for several years. Our Collections consist of real, everlasting best Ecuadorian roses and are available in more than 26 different colors. They Begin their life in Ecuador where they are carefully cultivated to produce a full and most beautiful bloom. From there, they are treated with a proprietary solution, which stops the growth of the rose at its most perfect state and a color pigmentation which give them such a perfect color. The life span of these roses can last longer than one year if taken care properly.


Each box is handmade by our lovely teams who are present in all the countries MILA is settled in. The teams take good care of the roses and manipulates every tool with cautious.
We care about you, so we make sure to provide you with only the best, from the quality of roses to the fabric of the box. Each box is made with LOVE in order to deliver the same feeling to the customer.
Our purpose is to give you the best in terms of quality, but also, in terms of Experience. We want MILA Maison des Roses products to spread LOVE all around the world and we work on every detail to make sure it happens.



Mila Roses - Everlasting roses
Mila Roses - Everlasting roses
Mila Roses - Everlasting roses