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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

All our roses are, of course, natural plants!
Our Everlasting Roses sprout and bloom in Ecuador, where they are treated with an exclusive and natural solution that inhibits the rosebud's growth at the perfect moment. Afterwards they are treated with color pigments that give them their splendid looks. If our everlasting roses are taken care of properly, they can live up to three years.
Our boxes are available in different colors, shapes and sizes, as well as in different collections and materials. MILA Maison des Roses® offers a choice between more than 8990 distinct combinations. Our boxes are available in the following sizes:

Baby: 1 Rose
Mini: 4-5 Roses
Small: 8-9 Roses
Medium: 16 Roses
Large: 22-25 Roses
Luxe: 36 Roses
VIP: 108-120 Roses

Mini Bijou: 5 Roses
Round: 7 Roses
Mirror: 9 Roses
Table: 12 Roses
Bijou: 25 Roses
Of course! We propose numerous collections in different designs, colors and materials, which you can use to create colorful and individual arrangements. Thanks to our broad choice of rose colors, you can create or integrate patterns as well as numbers or symbols.
We would love to help you create your perfect arrangement - don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
Please find detailed care instructions here.
Please don't! The Everlasting Roses only keep their optimal appearance if they aren't removed from their box. They are happy and safe there and should spend their entire lifespan in the box.
During the creation of individual arrangements, the roses are carefully arranged in the box. Removing roses can damage them and will destroy the arrangement.
Please contact us at [email protected]. We'll be happy to help you have a look at the different options and make the perfect choices for your arrangement.
To modify an order, please contact us within 60 minutes of placing your order at [email protected].
Once your order has been prepared for shipping, you will receive a shipping confirmation detailing your shipment as well as the tracking number.
Simply enter the desired delivery address. We will ship your order to this address, whereas the invoice will be made available to download in your account.
We ship worldwide. For deliveries to the US, to Mexico or Morocco, please use the respective websites proposed for each country. You can consult the shipping costs here.
On receipt of the transporter's email announcing your parcel's delivery date, you will be able to use the tracking site to choose a different delivery date or redirect your parcel to a collection point or neighbour.